What is it?

XLink Kai is a software that allows you to play system-link based games over the internet (Xbox, Playstation 2, GameCube).

Recently, the engine part of Xlink Kai was ported to linux but lacked the UI part. In order to aid the developers implementing the KAI protocol in whatever aplication they want, without spending time sniffing and analyzing kai's protocol, this lib was created.

The lib is portable and ready for Linux, Mac OSX, FreeBSD, Win32 and XDK.

All i can say for now is, READ THE README, it's all explained there.


If you want to download the lib go here. Or you can download the current latest version from cvs here.


If you want help, go to Xlink Forums here. I'll be there to aid anyone implementing this lib.


30/11/2004 - little bugfix in createvector and new release of the ncurses ui. this should be 100% usable (apart from the speex) in functionality, but it's more than alpha in ncurses code. But it works hehe. howto added also.

24/11/2004 - ok new updates in the lib. Some bugs fixed and it seems very stable now. Needs speex support and a lot of *real* testing (like a lot of people hehe). Anyway i'm releasing today the binary for the upcoming *little* ncurses ui :p

18/11/2004 - Well some updates were made, now macOS build compiles with a little twist. it seems that the mac doesn't like 64kb char* msg to be passed to the function... if you set it to 32 or 16kb it works ok. i think i'm going to change buffer to 32kb cause it should be more than enough. FreeBSD is on the way... the linux binary runs well in freebsd, but if i compile it from source it crashes me in elementary sock functions from the OS.. very strange.. will look at it tomorrow.

11/11/2004 - The source code is released, version is I don't have time to finish speex support, and mac build is broken because of the new broadcast method. Other builds look fine, and kaiui.h is stablized (for now.. more opcodes will come soon with the new server). CVS anonymous seems to take a while to update but it's there...

Sample code

i've added a simple howto for ncurses UI. check it here.

download it here:


install like this:
    tar -jxf kaiui_ncurses.tar.bz2
run with

mac users: just double click on the compressed file, then click on the binary Logo